I How to create neon effects in Illustrator

How to create neon effects in Illustrator

 Hey there folks Gary Bradley from CreativeFrontiers here and in this video we're gonna take a look at how we can create aneon glowing sign inside of Adobe Illustrator so let's dive in and take alook now the bulk of this work is going to be done to these objects and whatwe've got here essentially is by the text that I've turned to outlines or itis stuff that I've drawn from scratch with the pen tool and the ring regionaround the background well that started out life as an ellipse and I cut it invarious places because of the unique nature of this piece of artwork.

 By kindof custom-built a lot of this but in terms of applying glowing effects youcan apply them to anything inside of Illustrator you can even apply them toeditable text if you wish to but I have created custom shapes in here that's whywe're not working with editable text so in order to get under way I'll select mylarge object here which is grouped together and then go to the window menuand open up the appearance panel you will notice that in here the appearancepanel categorizes or characterizes exactly what's been applied to theobject so this has only a stroke.

 Appearance of quite a large 32-pointstroke and and you can left click on an individual parent you can modify it fromhere as well so the prints panel is a really great central hub inside ofIllustrator from here I will then go down to the bottom with just the strokeappearance targeted for edits click on effects go down to stylize and then fromhere choose feather now why feather might you be asking soif I turn on the preview checkbox we'll see kind of what feather does and if Iincrease the volume there to say six millimeters at which of the units in mydocument this really is what feather does it softens things so we will get aslightly more translucent look and it.

 Will fade things out around the edges ifwe're gonna create a really good kind of getting towards the realms of accurateneon glowing effect we want to get the glowing effect around the characters andthe shapes in here absolutely but we want to also achieve a lovely pink starto the lighting effect and feather will help us do that it will soften the edgesthe stroke so from here if I just set a more appropriate stroke size of 1.75sorry the radius size in there and then from here I can click okay so we getlittle bit of softening that now is only applied to the stroke appearance andfrom here then we need to keep stacking and building up and intensifying thislook.

 So to do that I can go down to the bottom of the appearance panel this iconas you probably aware now usually create something new but in the appearancepanel it duplicates the existing appearance in there that's targeted soif I click on that it will create a copy of my original stroke the original oneis at the bottom the newly duplicated one appears higher up and therefore interms of an appearance if I change the stroke color to a lighter red you'llnotice that it hides the original one because it's lower down and it'stherefore on the object itself behind but if I change the stroke weight reducethis by say a quarter to say 24 points.

 If just tap up when you get to 24points we have the beginnings of seeing that the larger darker red one in thebackground and we've now added another stroke on top of that and in front ofthe object itself it also has if I expand the toggle thefeather applied to this new one as well that I duplicated so that's alreadybuilt in that's all good I can collapse this and then create one third and finalstroke appearance on the same object so go down to the bottom duplicate thesecond one notice in nearly the stroke weight set to 24 points like the secondone is our first of all changed the stroke color to a light neon red colorin there oh it's just a light red color but perfectly honest that I've calledneon and then.

 From the stroke way again I will juice this even further and I'llset this to 16 points so we've got 16 24 and 32 points in there I'm just kind ofstaggered the size then very purposefully and kind of consistently aswell by keep dropping them back in and certainly at percentages so now akerosene the makings of a nice intense glowing effect to finish this off weneed to actually add the glow as well all we have at the moment are multiplesdrugs with a soft edge now to apply this to the whole object and not just one ofthe individual strokes after left click on compound at the top go down to thebottom.

 Click on effects go to stylize and then choose outer glow from here andit gives me the options available I'll turn on the preview checkbox in therebut we don't really see a particularly handy glow that's because here at themoment the actual glow color is set to black so if I click on that you couldjust pick up any color that you want to from the color picker but I actuallywant to use one of my neon Reds so if I click on color swatches in there andthen choose neon one click OK we now start to see some of that glow showingthrough now in terms of the opacity well I want to set this quite low so I'mgonna say it's 20% but I do want to set the blur very high in there.

 So I'm gonnaset that to four millimeters hit the tab key to update that and then we'll startto see the makings of a larger but less intense glow around the outside whenI've done that I'll click OK it adds it right down to the bottom again I canleft-click on the original outer glow duplicate that one and add a new onealways added above the original click on that one to make it active left click onit sir properties there to jump back to the dialog box and from here now we'regoing to intensify this appearance so I'm going to increase up to 50% opacitywhen I click in the next field down I'm going to changed this one to 1.75.

 So aswe increase and as we add each outer glow we want to make it smaller and moreimpactful and then if I turn a preview we start to see that appearance buildingup in there so I'll click OK and we'll final third one duplicate it in therethat appears higher up left click on that one click on the hyperlink to goback to the panel and then the options turn on preview I'm going to leave theopacity in here set to the same as what it is now but I am going to change theblur to be a very very low amount so not 0.35 in there that I experimented within advance if I hit the tab key they will then see that update only so nowget around these characters a lovely general glow but by adding multiplestrokes and more or outer glows.

 We really get that nicetight pinkie kind of glow around them I click okay and that essentially finishesthe glowing appearance now if I want to use that somewhere else the best thingprobably is to go to the window menu go down the list to graphic Styles where Ican capture this appearance so if I left click on compound path in here just tomake sure I've got all of the object active or appearances then I'll go tothis icon here click on new graphic style it adds it into the list gives itjust a generic name of graphic style in therenotice that I've already added a couple in there already so I come from now goto this object and the rings around the outside and I already have a graphicstar 3 in there as its imaginative we called to add an orange glow.

 I can clickon the shapes for the characters at the top and at the bottom they have kind ofa light blue I can go to graphics tile for and apply those in there as well soyou can see how once you've done the hard work in the appearance panel andmade that effect you can capture it and apply it anywhere else in the existingdocuments and that's how we create a neon glowing sign inside of AdobeIllustrator thanks for watching folks if you've enjoyed the video and found ithandy please give it a thumbs up don't forget you can go click on the subscribebutton to see more content in the future and if you don't want to miss a singleAdobe techniques.

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