I How To: Edit Videos the Easy Way in Microsoft Photos

How To: Edit Videos the Easy Way in Microsoft Photos

 Hi, I'm Ashlie and I'm on the Microsoft Photos app team. Here today, I'm with Alex who's a Burton Girl Ambassador and today we're going to talk aboutsome video editing within the Microsoft Photos application. Hey everybody. I'm a Burton GirlsAmbassador and we have this motto "Get down, rise up" and it encourages women and young girls to really ask themselves like, what are you passionate about? What are you passionate about pursuing? And what makes you rise up?

 Like, what makes you get up every day and go do that. And it really encourages us to be strong, independent, and creative. So I'm a chef. And I'm an entrepreneur. And I know how to cook but I don't understand technology at all.

 So I'm here today to learn a little bit moreto kind of take my business to the next level and create some really beautiful video content. So with a Microsoft Surface andthe Photos app you're actually going to be able todo quick and easy editing on the go. And I think we're going to tell the story of some really delicious cake, right? It is delicious! It's a gluten-free Myer Lemon Cake. It did really well on my social media,it does really well every time I make it.

 And so, I kind of want to push that into video content and really give it that (tsk) pop. Sounds sweet. And citrusy. (Both laugh) Okay so what did youbring me? I brought you a bunch of photos of me in the kitchen, on the mountain, and then I took some video of me actually cooking this gluten-free Myer Lemon Cake.

 So with the Photos app on the Surface Laptop it's actually going to be really easy. You just drag and drop your content. Wait, you're touching the screen. Yeah! It's touch screen. I've never seen something like this before. Well, I'm glad that I'm hereto show you how easy it is to also work and how quickly it is to edit on the Photos app. So do your Burton Girls, when you guys are out on the mountain, do you guys use cameras or anything like that to record? Yeah, for sure. We use hand-held camerasand we take video footage of each other. They're going to freak out once I learn how to edit on this thing, I'm going to be everybody's new favorite person. Right! They're going to up their social game hard with the new Photos app and editing it. Awesome. So I feel like we have all of ouringredients.

 Are you ready to make a video? I'm ready to make a video. I see what you did there with the ingredients. I'm trying to take your day job. Don't take my job! So let's start with this photo here. It looks like you're cutting the cakebut it does look a little dark to me. It is dark, thank you for noticing. I don't have very much natural lightin my apartment. I live in a canyon, bunch of trees. So I would love to know how to brighten this up. Cool so don't fret because in the Photos app, you can actually adjust the brightness and the contrast so we can essentially take that and lighten it a little bit. Cool. Or we can completely crop it outif you're like "I just hate this shadow, I just want the cake." We can totally do that as well. And so something like this. It's a little off center.

  we encourage people to use the Crop toolis that if you have a bigger picture and you wanted to scale it down or if it's a little bit off center, you can just crop it down to where it looks like it, instead of having to retake the photo. Okay so, I've gotta ask about filters. Yeah I mean we are in LA so. We are in LA. We need a filter. I have a beautiful spray tan.I am a walking filter. Show me filters. Okay so filters here are actually going to be really easy to use. So you're going to have things like black and white filters, all the way to your artistic,trendy filters. But you can also applya filter to video. You just click the filter youwant and then it's applied to the full video.

 Amazing. Okay so speaking of video, I've got this clip here and it's a little long. How do I trim it? You can actually click on this Trim button right here, and again, we're editing a videowhile using touch. Like, that's unreal. That's so cool. And all you have to do is drag this little marker where you want it to end and then essentially pick where you want it tobegin as well. Another thing to do with this is the fact that you don't have to worry about your original clip because it saves your original contentand doesn't override it. And then you have thisadditional content that's this little trimmed clip with the filters or any specific editing time frame that you want. Now I want to talk about text, because in these cooking videos I feel like text is really important.

 Yeah so you can remember the recipe but also for people like myself who sometimes multitask in meetings and I can't have sound on, I can actually see what the recipe is and what I'm planning to make for dinner or for the weekend. So let's add some text to your video. I'm sure you know the ingredientsfor the recipe off the top of your head? By heart. Okay cool. So if we actually click on text, it allows us to type in whatever we want. We don't have to worry about spaces, or anything because it automatically formats it for you. And there's like different fonts too. Yeah there's different filtersfor your text. So you can pick out kinds, you just have to find one that fits what your video content is. So I'm feeling like Poetry is probably going to be a pretty good one, because it's very simple and wide.

 We could do something crazy like Adventurewhere it's like green and orange. Woah! It's a little too extreme. Yeah you don't really— We're just making cake.

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