I Illustrator CC September 2019 Updates

Illustrator CC September 2019 Updates

 Hey there folks Gary Bradley here onthisf fineday and I'm gonna take you through an update that happened to adobeillustrator in September 2019 and and more specifically to the simplifycommand which allows you to remove unnecessary anchor points from yourvector artwork to make the whole editing process a lot easier if this is yourfirst time visiting and you want to learn best practice technique to createkiller artwork then start.

 Now by subscribing and clicking the Bell so youdon't miss a thing so here I have on screen actually I've got a split screenhere now on the left hand side I'm going to show you the way that simplify usedto work prior to the September update and then the right-hand side I'm goingto show a direct comparison of how it now works way that you do this as youselect your objects of course and then go to the object menu and then go downthe list to path and then choose simplify so the first thing to know isthat illustrator new version will auto simplify your selected object so youwill see an immediate change on screen that wasn't the way in the old dialogbox the other thing is that it looks.

 Very different so it's not meet at yourparent where you would hover over and click on this panel here to move itround but the far left or far right hand side will be good now technically wehave as you can see the button tells us it's applied an edit to the objectthere's no ok button to this so if I accidentally click away from my objectthat panel disappears but it still applied the edit it might not be whatyou want so just be aware of that I mean you can always go back into auto you canalways go back into simplify again and change it afterwards but just somethingto be aware of so I'm gonna go back a step with a keyboard shortcut make suremy object still selected and then go back to objects down to paths and thenchoose simplify words boss.

 So I'm going to pull this panel up here you'll noticenow that again we've got Auto simplify it doesn't really match the nicestraight lines that we had in the original yes it's done a great job ofremoving the additional anchor points that we don't need but here you'llnotice that we have a slider where I can drag this towards the left hand side toget less anchor points it will give you a pop-up in and tell you what the anchorpoint count is if I drag it to the far right hand side for the maximum 54points in here so there's a great deal of difference but it'sstill not quite what I'm looking for so then really you'll need to go to theellipses for more options and click on that to get the dialog box so you'llnotice that it has given me a convert to straight.

 Lines in here which is good thesimplified curve at the top is deactivated now because it's allcomposed of straight lines and then what I'll need to do then from here is tobasically take my cursor and swipe over that I have lost two man complaints orneed to tap down on my cursor key in here to reduce that and now as you cansee that there seems to be a threshold with this object that really going above84 causes problems so if I leave that set to 84 that is pretty much about whatI can get away with in here you'll notice that I have the original 102points and the new 163 points so that pretty much more or less exactly matcheswhat the old simplified dollar box would deal with straight lines so again it'syou know.

 It was efficient at straight lines and it's still efficient now youcould always go back and click on Auto simplify but I don't think I need to inhere I think I've really achieved everything I need to do and I'll clickOK now with this example I'm going to goback to object again down to path and then to simplify so I'll get the samedialog box popping up on screen again I could stick with also simplify if I feltthat was good you know and hey look that he's done a pretty good job it's not farfrom the original I could go and add maybe a few more anchor points in therebut really I want to see a comparison between the new and the old version soagain I'll go to the more options in here and open up the dialog box now.

 I don't actually want to have converts just straight lines I'll turn that offand then if I turn it back on again you'll see that it's kind of a littlebit twitchy is that checkbox when you come to style box it isn't technicallyusing convert to straight lines in there so just watch out for that one as wellI'm gonna turn that off and then I get my two sliders very similar before so Ican deal all with the amount of curvature and then the the angle thatit's gonna cut off some of these corners out now I do want to turn on showoriginal so you can see here that it's done a pretty good job I have now got 26points to articulate this new shape in here and itvery close to the original which had 63 so that is already an improvement on theold simplify.

 So if I was now in this case to just keep dragging my anglepoint in here I can it's a little bit of back and forth to be honest between thetwo so I just want to remove some of these anchor points in here if I dragthat all the way to the far right hand side it's probably too much I could thengo back up to the simplified curvature and then maybe look if I can get awaywith removing some of that curvature notice that there isn't a numericalfield you've only got a slider for simplified curve and for some strangereason don't know why but in here I think think I'm fairly close to what theoriginal looked like and there's a couple of little bits again which youalways had with simplify there's a little bit of a corner just missingthere if I drag that towards the right-hand side.

 Will it bring it back inmaybe yeah so I have to drag it really high but again notice that you knowmatching that in there I've got an extra anchor point in that region it's stillonly 26 points so it's a vast improvement on what I got from the oldsimplified dialog box in there so might just see if I can just reduce that atouch in there now I think that's probably about as good as I'm gonna getfrom that so yeah I'll leave it set to the maximum for the curvature but againas I say the new count there for 26 is is really good and then from here I'llclick OK so you can see here this is the summary page for the September update alot of focus.

 Has been on efficiency opening up files talking to networkdrives and things like that you'll also find under stability andother improvements that there is under fixed issues in here in particular onethat I used to find very frustrating was the way that used to scale so if you usethe properties panel and the link icon to maintain aspect ratio sometimes itwould it would scale uniformly and you would do what I expected to do othertimes it wouldn't so that has been addressed in this update in September2019 so yes he can go to the website there'sa full rundown there of all the kind of bug fixes and and the feature summariesas well I'll include a direct link to these pages.

 In the show notes so you cantake a look at those as well as always folks if you found the video usefulplease give it a thumbs up you can always subscribe to click on the bellall those things and until next time folks

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