I Top free illustrator scripts

Top free illustrator scripts

 Hey there folks Gary Bradley here and inthis episode I'm gonna take you through a handful of free scripts that you candownload for internet and use inside of Illustrator to get great-looking artworkand save so much time above anything elseso the first free scripts that I'm going to show you is duplicated so it's anchorpoints so I have a piece of artwork here which is the planet I'd like toduplicate it this is ideal if you want to create copies of your artwork inspecific places well you can use a second object and its anchor points asthe basis for where it's duplicated meaning that this.

 Purple Line I havelower down here if I select that you can see by the squares here these are allwhere all the anchor points are I would like to create a copy of this artworkwherever there's an anchor point on this object and you can do that very veryquickly with a script now the way this works is if I just expand up on mylayers panel you'll see that you have to have the object you want to createcopies of has to be higher up in the stack than the thing that you aredropping it on to incretin duplicate surrounding its anchor point so in thiscase the thing that's the reference for the doop where the anchor points are iscalled path that's just here and the object that.

 I'm gonna create duplicatesof is this one here called group and it's the planet it has to be higher inthe stack or it has to be in front of the other object so if I select it holddown the shift key shift and left-click on the planet then go to file go downthe list to scripts and then choose dupe at selected anchor points they have itclick away and you have your duplicates in exactly the place where as an anchorfor this object that we had selected a min ago so the next technique is whereyou can randomly color multiple objects all the same time with a set ofpredefined colors so this will save you having to click on in my case here oneof the leaves pick a swatch and select the next thing and pick a differencewatch.

 So to do this and leave the original on the left hand side I'll needto go to the window menu and you will need to have in your swatches panel Idaresay a set of grouped colors so I have in here one that is called foliagefor as mixture different types of greens inthere and even some Browns and that's the key thing really and you can createa group by selecting several swatches and then clicking on the group icon downthe bottom of the sponges panel and that puts them into a group so you want tocreate a group of colors that is how you can do it now they do is selectedswatches or the selected artwork in your document so um if I go and select allthe leaves and then just deselect the tree you have to then tell illustrator.

Which group of course you want to utilize so I'm going to hover over andleft-click on just the folder for foliage for that highlights them tellsillustrator these are the ones we want to sample and then you go to file downto scripts and then you can choose random swatch fill and there you go cuzif you want to narrow that down to a handful of colors go to file down toscripts and then random swatch fill just to get a smaller array of them so youcan try this over and over again them and see which is the best fit really sothat one is really handy that one is a random swatch fill so the third freescript is called metaball arc so if you want to create something like I havehere I'd create.

 This kind of lava lamp style liquid and that kind of effect ofcretton interconnecting liquid and the glob jewels and they can be quitechallenging so um this one works really well for this kind of situation if Iselect my red circle in here and then shift and left-click on the other redcircle you can just start off with regular shapes inside of Illustratorthen go to the file menu go down the list to scripts and then it is metaballarc you'll get dial a box and then from hereturn on the preview checkbox it's a case of just deciding where you want tocenter the angle so you can drag it like this to get a very low angle you candrag it towards the Wratten site to increase the angle like so thereobviously will be a limit because they're hardly connected in here andit's just a case of dragging.

 It to point that you feel works when you'redone and it will then create that third piece of artwork to connect themtogether they will still be separate of course but then if you go to the windowmenu you can always go down to Pathfinder and you can choose to unitethem together there's one object and then you could color them with agradient as I have done in it with the other ones in there as well so that'smetaball arc the next one is text block so if you can spot it I do have sometext in this artboard which is just down here and the neat thing about this isthat you can just take and it has to be separate lines of text so for every linethat you have it will have to be a separate text frame but if I select allof them and then make my artboard fit in window you can then go up to file downto scripts and then choose text block you'll be then asked what do you wantthe.

 Width of this text to be when it's finished its maximum width and it'salways measured in points in there but you can put your own units in so I'mgonna leave that set to default of 300 click OK how much of a gap do you wantbetween the text in there again I'm going to leave it set to 3 millimetersfor the default and then you click OK and it does this so it's quite cool fordoing that kind of thing he obviously could motor in there and you could thenuse that as our kind of coffee mug or something like that and so that's areally neat one and you can keep trying it over and over again it doesn't affectthe original text in there so you could alter that and then have another go sothat is text block so creating a calendar is really tediouswork and to not least get.

 All the dates and all the months pulled together butthis calendar free maker is pretty cool so you don't use any artwork to startoff with you just go straight to file down to scripts and choose calendar premake so the only thing I would tend to say that you'll have to change in herereally is the years in 2020 and then click OK and he'll ask you you knowwhich of the months do you want to generate well I want to first startusing this I was just using the one or more months that I need it but you canleave all of these in here click OK it's gonna go right from challenge toDecember of course and then we've also got which of the days of the week youwant to include I'm gonna leave those in there set the defaults and then if youwant to put any holidays in obviously that will depend on which part of theworld.

 That you're in and but you can leave those as they are if you wish orput your own in and then I'll click OK that actually generates a newillustrator document and then it gives you your calendar so as you can see hereit has created styles for all the text for the numbers the weeks and so on andso forth I'll click OK I can take the month that I want so if I drag off thesein here copy those I can then go back and I could put them on my calendardesign so it will put them in a separate document and then obviously from thereyou want to change the colors and things like that to match and a little bit oftweaking that's why of course under the window menu down under type you've gotparagraph Styles and that's where you would tweak the appearance of the datesthe days of the week and the months in there to suit of courseso that is calendar pre.

 Maker and there that rounds up all of our scripts asalways folks if you've enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and if you'renew to the channel here you can always subscribe we post videos every Friday onhow to create great artwork save all loads of time and money as well which isalways good so until next hello you you

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